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What's the Crave about Zen Valley CBD?

At Zen Valley CBD we use lipid extraction to bring you the best CBD on the market. Lipid extraction is a method of extracting CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp plants. Lipids are naturally occurring fats and oils that can be used without the use of toxins and with little processing. To absorb and integrate plant components into lipid or fat like coconut oil, the process involves applying pressure, heat, and time. It's a simple yet effective way for preserving the beneficial nutrients while requiring minimum preparation. The viability of the plant's cells remains intact and clear of pollutants when no harsh chemicals are used.

One of the biggest advantages of lipid extraction is that it produces full-spectrum, whole-plant extracts without the use of alcohol or solvents. This ensures that many of the hemp plant's minerals, vitamins, vital fats, antioxidants, and protein are retained and preserved in the finished product. Lipid extraction products may be able to obtain a larger percentage of the organic material than other extraction methods. This is significant since full-spectrum CBD has been found to sustain greater potency than CBD isolate at larger doses. Other research has found that lipids aid in the absorption of Cannabidiol when given orally, perhaps increasing the cannabinoid's bioavailability.

The core of our products comes from clean, organic, and natural cannabis. To retain the molecular structure and enhance the co-evolutionary effects of the entourage effect, we use coconut oil as a basis in our innovative lipid infusion technique. We can ensure that we extract the whole spectrum of active chemicals from the hemp plant using this process. To develop effective goods that are both non-GMO and vegan, we use, sustainably farmed, organic hemp cultivated on Vermont farms as well as our own. 

You can explore Zen Valley CBD products and try them for yourself at

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