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To provide a mindful and balanced wellness experience for everyone, by providing the highest quality and economically friendly cannabis and cannabis products.

Our passion demonstrates our commitment to improving the equality and diversification of the growing cannabis market; which directly supports local and national community development for future generations.

Lisa La Coss

Lisa LaCoss

Meet Lisa, Accounting Manager.  Lisa,  proud mother of three (Phillip, Brittney, and Emma) brings over 30 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience to Zen Valley CBD.  She enjoys traveling and spending time with her ever-growing family.  Lisa likes to spend the hot summer days drifting around on the water with her husband Scott.  

Michaela & Phillip LaCoss

Michaela La Coss

Meet Michaela.  She is our Content Manager here at Zen Valley Cannabis. Michaela assists with marketing, packaging, order processing, graphic design, and product development. 


Michaela is a Combat Veteran of "Operation Enduring Freedom" (Afghanistan 2010) and the Mother of two boys; Lincoln and stepson Logan.  Her passion for helping others comes through in her approach to everything she does.  

Meet Phil CEO/CFOof Lamoille Valley Extraction Solutions and Zen Valley Cannabis.  Phil's passion for nature all its wonder and beauty drives his motivation for Zen Valley Cannabis. 


A Combat Veteran of "Operation Enduring Freedom" (Afghanistan 2010) and "Operation Inherent Resolve" (Iraq/Jordan/Syria 2018/19), Phil finds his Zen when he is surrounded by family and friends.  A dedicated father and husband, he loves to spend time with Logan,  Lincoln, and his wife, Michaela, whether they are hiking, on the water, or in the backyard.  

Phillip La Coss



A product line of Lamoille Valley Extraction Solutions LLC

Veteran owned and operated


Lamoille Valley Extraction Solutions (LVES) is Veteran owned and family operated small business.  We offer our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. Zen Valley CBD has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a  high standard in every drop.  We provide 3rd Party COA's for all of our hand-crafted products. 

Vermont quality you can count on.

Check it out and start shopping today!


Lamoille Valley Extraction Solutions LLC


Lamoille Valley Extraction Solutions is a Vermont CBD extraction company.  We work with our local Vermont farmers to ensure we are sourcing the best quality hemp available for our Zen Valley CBD product line.


We provide business to business CBD extraction services using the lipid extraction method and organic coconut oil as a base carrier. 

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